Landscape Design / Consulting.
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Landscape Design / Consulting.

February 24, 2015


A good design or plan is vital to a good landscape.  The two just go together like peas and carrots.   Before a shovel even thinks about breaking into the ground it is clear a good landscape plan must be drawn.  It does not need to be fancy, but it need to be thorough.

A good design needs to be done, and it needs to be done by a professional.  Many times the landscape planted by a homeowner lacks proper plant spacing, multiple-season interest, and good flow of design, both functional and aesthetic.

“If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”

Retirement, a new business, building a house, even a vacation. These endeavors require proper planning to be successful.  Without the plan, all the things listed above will fail.

Black Creek Landscaping LLC has the education; Michigan State University, Horticulture BS. More importantly, we have the experience of 18 years, and the “eye” for good design.

Landscape plan
Plant knowledge, site location, soils,