Landscape Renovations.
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Landscape Renovations.

March 5, 2015
Creating patios…boulder walls…pathways…and other “hardscapes” are some ways one can renovate an outdoor space.  These bigger projects are fun to take on for both the consumer and the designer/builder.

However, these larger projects are not the only ways to renovate outdoor spaces.  Instead of creating new spaces, it often makes more sense renovating an existing space into a more useful space.

Rip out the old!

Many times an existing landscape is old and overgrown.  It is in need of a complete overhaul.  Rip out the old Yew shrubs and start over.  This is an example of renovating the space you already have and not creating new space.  I am sure you know, it is always cheaper to renovate the kitchen you have rather than blow out a wall and creating an addition for the larger kitchen.

The simple act of removing older shrubs and replacing with younger plant material is a simple step which can be made on a small budget.

One step at a time….

A great thing about a landscape plan and renovation is the project can be implemented over time.  The project can be built over a course of time in which you and your budget are comfortable.  It does not all need to be done at one time.

The take home message is to slow down. Remember, sometimes the best option is simply renovating the space you already have and updating it into a space you want without breaking the bank.

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