Mulch Service
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Mulch Service

March 6, 2015
Bark mulch is not simply for aesthetics. Mulch does not have to be strictly bark either….mulch can be in the form of pine straw, or even stone!  The choice of stone is numerous, as is the choice of what type of bark to use.  Some people have used ground up tires….but I do not recommend that choice.

Mulch keeps moisture in the soil.

Mulch helps with weed control.

Mulch keeps erosion to a minimum.

Mulch improves the appearance.

Bark mulch comes in a variety of colors, but most commonly the natural and the dyed brown are used. Cedar mulch is also used and has a nice scent.  In addition, the life span of cedar is longer than that of regular hardwood bark mulch.  Stone of course has the title of “longest life span” when it comes to ground covers.  The upfront cost of stone will be higher, but the benefit is the fact you do not need to put it down year after year.

Call today for a quote on your mulch needs. Whether it is stone, hardwood bark, pine straw, cedar, or living ground cover, give us a call.  We can answer any questions on your mind.