Landscape Maintenance Overview
  • A proper and well cared for landscape.

Landscape Maintenance Overview

March 10, 2015



Attention to detail in the landscape is THE difference maker for landscape maintenance.  Proper attention paid to pruning, weeding, proper design, fertilizing, plant spacing, texture, and scale is crucial.

The old adage of “When you look good you feel good”  is repeated for a reason. Right?  Well, it also makes sense when your house looks good….you feel equally good.

This is why you eat properly and exercise regularly.  You may hire a personal trainer to keep you on course and focused on goals of being healthy.

Think of Black Creek Landscaping LLC as the personal trainer for your landscape. Proper landscape maintenance is the way to communicate to yourself you care, and the benefit is you will feel better.

Don’t do it for others and what they will think, rather do it for yourself and how you will feel about yourself!

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