Spring / Fall Cleanup
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Spring / Fall Cleanup

March 8, 2015
Spring time is a great time to get out and breathe. Windows cleaned, cars detailed from winter salt, and the house gets the chance to breathe when we open all the doors and windows!  It is a great time of year, but work needs to be done.

The landscape needs to breathe as well.  Grass needs to see the sunshine.  If you have a thick matte of leaves atop your grass in the Spring then you are damaging the turf.  Grass does not do well going into the winter with leaves atop it, and then snow atop the leaves.  This creates a recipe for snow mold and other pathogens in your grass.

Fallen sticks, leaves, loose thatch, mouse damage, snow plow damage, mole damage, etc.

The above is a short list of what can be found in the Spring.

Perennials such as ornamental grass, hosta, and scores of other varieties can be cut in the Fall or the Spring.  The choice is yours as to when, but it must be done!

Our services clean up the turf grass area of the winter debris as listed above, opening the grass to sunshine and air.  The Spring and Fall cleanup promote a healthy environment for the turf and the landscape beds.

Pruning is another factor to consider. Please see our pruning page if you have not already done so. Pruning is tied to Spring and Fall cleanup.  The two services are married together.