Turf and Fertilizer Services.
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Turf and Fertilizer Services.

March 9, 2015
From the start we use golf course quality fertilizers.  These are slow release fertilizers allowing for steady growth with an even-green color throughout the growing season.


The First option is the 2-App fertilizer.  This is a specialty blend, super-slow-release fertilizer. We apply the first application in mid April, and apply the second dose in late August.

The Second option is applying fertilizer 4 times per season.  The application times for this plan are late April, late June, early September, and finally October.  Some people prefer this more traditional approach because it is what they are accustomed.

Broad leaf weed control and crabgrass-preventer is combined with the first application of fertilizer. Grub control can also be applied in the August application of fertilizer.  These additions can be put into any fertilizer program that you choose.

Weeds are sprayed throughout the growing season. We employ a spot spraying method to reduce the use of chemicals in your environment.  We like to keep the use of chemicals to a minimum, furthermore we find this approach effective and “targets” the weed without waste.

Just to remind you, we are licensed through the state to apply pesticides.  Not all companies that spray pesticides are licensed.  It is wise to choose one that is licensed and has a knowledge of proper application techniques and calibrations.